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"COL Fred Johnson was my first battalion commander in the Army. Whenever he met with all of us Lieutenants in the battalion, he always had stories to tell. I still remember many of them and, now that I look back 12 years later, I realize he was leading us through those stories . . . Whether he knows it or not, he's still leading us through his stories."            Ben Weakley

"Like so much in this book, it is the contrast between the comic and the tragic, the sacred and the abundantly profane, that penetrates our consciousness like one of the Iraqi EFP’s (Explosively Formed Penetrators) that can cut through the heaviest tank armor like a seasoned Sergeant Major through BS. Reading works of this type, military memories and the like is part of my job. I have read dozens of them, from the classics to the offbeat and iconoclastic and can say that Johnson has accomplished something special."          - Dr. Steven Gardiner, PhD